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Ok so yesterday, Glamthasil told us he LOST HIS PIN. I know, CRY. Connie definitely did, until someone gave her jellybeans. But the pin was good! So I looked for it. And it was in a van. And he said it must either have been under the seats or have fallen out. And I was crawling around searching for the precious pin. BUT ALAS IT WASN'T THERE! And we were sad and Glamthasil the whore laughed an evil laugh. End? One would think so, but NO. Because today on our XC trip when Connie was calling Felicia to tell her that Glamthasil had lost the pin, Glamthasil took the pin out of his backpack. Because he had never lost it in the first place! He had just wanted to make us cry and search and cry and make him new pins in designer blue! So I was kinda mad because of the searchness and the meanness and all-around whoreness of our beloved Glamthasil. And on Felicia's suggestion...


accidentally xposted to my journal yesterday
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